Tanque Verde Lutheran Church
To Follow Christ Jesus and Share His Love
8625 E Tanque Verde Rd
Tucson, Arizona 85749
Saturdays 5:00 pm - Sundays 8:00 & 9:30 am
For Worship November 28/29
Ready or not, the holidays are here! Some are anxiously looking forward to all of the happenings in the coming weeks, wondering how you’re going to pull it all off.  Others are sentimentally looking back on Thanksgivings, and Advents, and Christmases of the past, remembering the magical times spent with loved ones. As people of faith, we are people who look forward, in eager expectation and hope for the future that God has for us. We are also people who look back, remembering the faithfulness of our God who keeps his promises, celebrating the ways he has filled our life with his grace and love. But even more importantly, we are called to...Read More