APRIL 2017
April 24, 2017
April Council Highlights

· Treasurer’s Report: Budgeted giving for the month was slightly up from February’s level. March’s Unrestricted offerings at $63K were 2% or $1,200 above the month’s Budget but $11,000 below the prior year. Part of the difference to last year is the timing of Easter which was in March last year. Total Income for the month was about $1K less than the Budget. Other Income sources were about $2,000 below Budget due to an adjustment to Miscellaneous Income. Expenses were over Budget by $3,000 but under Last Year by $20,000. Last year’s expenses were high as a result of recording two months of mortgage expense in the month which was $14,000 of the difference. The expense category with the greatest impact on total expenses were salary expenses as March included the retroactive salary adjustments approved by the council. The utility costs were higher than Budgeted also. Part of the unfavorable variance is that Utilities like all of the non-personnel expenses were reduced by 3.4% to balance the budget. This will be a difficult category to run at a level lower than the prior year. The lower giving coupled with the higher expenses for the month resulted in a deficit of $4.5K compared to a budgeted deficit of less than $1K. March of 2016 had a similar deficit. We have now given back much of the surplus generated in January and now have a YTD surplus of$2K compared to a Budgeted deficit of $1K. The General Fund balance decreased to $107K, about back to where we had started the year.
· Congregational Meeting this Sunday April 23, 2017, 08:45 – 09:15. Motion to recommend Tracy Jordan and Doug Pearson for council nomination by Gerd, and seconded. Motion passed.
· Property Update
o Shade project has been completed.
o Sound system in the Sanctuary is complete and significantly improved. The ART is now working on improvements in the inductive loop system.
o The sanctuary banner system has been used and is working well.
o The Rundle Memorial Garden project is underway.
· Columbarium Expansion – Slots are running low so it is time to begin work on building a new space. Motion made by Gerd, and seconded, to create a columbarium expansion committee, including Anita Taebel, John Sundby, Veanne Lupia, Jim Marian (real estate consultant), Pastor Swanson and Joe Paugh (facilities consultant), and request a report from them in 2-3 months regarding plans. Motion passed.
· Annual Synod Meeting is June 9-10, 2017 at Love of Christ Church in Mesa, AZ. Members interested in attending should notify the pastors.

MARCH 2017
March 27, 2017
March TVLC Council Highlights

· Treasurer’s Report – The above-budgeted giving in January was replaced by a shortfall to budgeted giving in February: giving was 15% or $10k below budget. Other income sources were about $1000 below budget and last year due to not receiving facility payments from the Preschool. Expenses were over budget by $6000 but last year by $1000. This was mostly due to Property Maintenance (utility costs and repairs, mostly necessary system inspections). The month ended with a deficit of $11k compared to a budgeted surplus of $5k. The YTD Surplus is $6k, and budget is break-even.
· Fiscal Year. By moving to a fiscal year we should be able to more accurately predict the money we have to spend. Stewardship and giving records will remain on a calendar year. Making this adjustment will require a motion to adopt a 15-month budget but extending the 2017 budget through March 31, 2018 using the first 3 months of 2017 as the budget for the first 3 months of 2018. Motion made by Kathy, and seconded, to recommend to the congregation to change the fiscal year to April 1 through March 31, effective 2018, and to extend the 2017 budget an additional 3 months, to end March 31, 2018. Motion passed as amended.
· Motion was made by Kathy, and seconded, that the Council affirm the Communications Task Force recommendation for the development of a new TVLC website that would address the current critical need regarding communications. The new site would be developed and implemented by a TVLC Web Development Team utilizing staff (Pastor Josh, Sarah Stapleton) with volunteer support. A donor has pledged $2,000 to support the effort and cover additional staff hours and purchase needed web tools. Motion passed.
· Motion made by Gerd, and seconded, to allocate a maximum of $4,000 out of the Memorial Wall-Landscaping Fund (Acct #3171) to be used for the Rundle Memorial Garden Refresh Project. Motion passed
· Motion made by Gerd, and seconded, to direct the Treasurer to move the Columbarium fund from our list of temporarily restricted funds to the permanently restricted category. Motion passed.
· Nominations are being accepted for Council members.

February 27, 2017
February 2017 Highlights

· Budget - January’s unrestricted offerings were 16% over the month’s budget and January 2016’s offerings. Expenses were under Budget by $2,000 and Last Year by $3,000.  The expense category impacting this favorable result the most was Staff Expenses. The strong January giving coupled with the lower expenses for the month resulted in a surplus of $18K compared to a budgeted deficit of $6K. January of 2016 also had a deficit. This is the only year in the last four that January has experienced a surplus. The General Fund balance increased to $126K, which brings us close to the beginning of the year balance of $129K for 2016.
· Property Update
o Acoustic remediation continues, with improvements in the sanctuary beginning Monday, March 6, 2017.
o Reserved parking spaces for new visitors was suggested as well as discussion about campus maps and directions.
· Changing the church Budget year –the possibility of changing the church Budget year to coincide with the annual congregational meeting in April or to begin at the second quarter.
· Funding Staff Pay Raises – money came in as designated funds for funding the staff raises. A motion was made and seconded, to provide merit increases to the staff per the Personnel committee’s recommendation as soon as possible. Motion passed.
· Pastor Susan’s Installation Service will be March 12
· Next Council meeting will be March 28, 2017.

January 23, 2017
January 2017 Highlights

· The December goal for unrestricted offerings was challenging, but we came close to achieving that goal. Pledges and Offerings were below Budget at 110% of December 2015’s offerings. They also represented an increase of 75% over November’s level of giving. December is the strongest month of the year as attendance is up and members work to catch up on pledge commitments..
· The Expense Allowance figure presented in the financial package when the Lead Pastor’s Call was voted on inadvertently left out the ELCA standard allowance. Motion passed was passed to bring the amount up to Synod Guidelines.
· Pastor Josh reported that 95 people were in attendance at the first new Gathering service which kicked off January 8, 2017; and 60 on Sunday, January 15, 2017. There has been lots of positive feedback.
· The NFLC sound system upgrades are excellent. The Sanctuary sound system is still being worked on with ART. Cement work has been completed on the sanctuary patio. The parking lot was completed as well. The shade project has been put aside for awhile while other projects were completed. Jim asked Joe that this be completed by the April congregational meeting.
· Motion made by  and seconded, to approve housing allowance for Pastor Susan Swanson and for Pastor Josh Auchenbach for 2017. Motion passed.

December 19, 2016
December 2016 Highlights

·  Treasurer’s Report: Pledges and Offerings were both below Budget and Prior Year for November. Offerings covered 89% of the Budget for November and expenses were over Budget. Giving continues to be down, and the YTD operating deficit climbed to $40,000.
·  Sanctuary Sound – Property Management Team was authorized to upgrade sound system in sanctuary.
·  2017 Budget: Doug presented the 2017 Budget Proposal. A review of 2016 projects a budget deficit of $25,082 with pledges being short of projected in 2016 (expenses were as budgeted). The proposed 2017 budget totals $898,579. This is $40,582 above the 2016 Adopted Budget, and includes $22,500 in moving expenses for Pastor Swanson, merit increases for Pastors and staff, and small increases requested by ministries. After significant discussion, a Motion was made and seconded, to adopt 2017 Budget as proposed with the following recommendations from the Finance Committee to balance the budget: 1. Shift moving expenses to a special appeal ($21,000); 2. Defer Merit Increases ($12,000); 3. A 3.4% reduction of all expenses excluding personnel and mortgage ($8,000); and to review merit increase options after the first quarter. Motion passed. An anonymous member has proposed a challenge whereby the member will give $0.25 for every $1 raised for moving expenses. This Special Appeal Challenge to raise the money for moving expenses will be advertised through the Christmas and New Year holiday

November 21, 2016
November Council Highlights
- Pledges and Offerings were above Budget and Prior Year. October’s Unrestricted offerings at $74,780 were 112% of the month’s Budget and the strongest month of the year. It was also 23% better than October 2015. Budgeted expenses were under Budget by $1,000 and were slightly higher than the 2015 expense level. Most expense groups were on Budget or slightly under. Property Maintenance was over budget for required repairs. The strong giving level and the lower expenses helped to produce an operating surplus for the month of $15k.
- Multiple projects have been completed by the Property Committee this month.
- Upgrading the sound system in the NFLC with Capital Campaign funds was approved.
- There was a closed session held to hear recommendations from the Call Committee.
- Council approved a change in worship times as follows to begin January 8, 2017:
     Saturday 5:00pm (no change)
     Sunday 8:00am (no change)
     Sunday 9:15am (15 min earlier)
     Sunday 10:30am (new service, “The Gathering” in NFLC)
- Visioning process continues

October 24, 2016
October Council Highlights
- Pledges and Offerings were below Budget but higher than Prior Year. September’s Unrestricted offerings at $53,322 were 89% of the month’s Budget, which was slightly better than in August and were up 7% from giving in September 2015. Budgeted expenses were under Budget by $1,000 and were even to the 2015 expense level. On a Year-to-Date basis the operating deficit increased to about $48K, compared to the Budget which was a deficit of $31K for the first nine months of the year. The General Fund balance decreased to $81K. This should still be more than adequate for the next two months of operation which will be close to break even. We are budgeted to have a surplus of about $4,000 in October. As our focus shifts to the Stewardship drive, it will become harder to encourage those who have fallen behind on their pledges until we get closer to the end of the year
- Fran Marian made a presentation about Lutheran Social Services fundraising. Their theme this year is, “Just One More,” with the goal of helping just one more person. TVLC provides more than $4000 in support annually, and LSS is seeking additional donations
- Audio remediation in the sanctuary is ongoing and the patio shade project is in progress. Upcoming projects include renewal of a memorial garden behind Linder Hall, audio remediation in the NFLC, and painting and carpet replacement in the education buildings. Congregation members need to be reminded to continue their Capital Appeal pledges through April 2017
- A worship leader was approved and hired to lead music for the new service.
- A policy was presented and approved to clearly define who is responsible for the event and the volunteers who have been identified to perform various functions. This is an effort to spread the responsibilities out and not have the same people always helping. Council members are asked to disseminate this policy to their ministries. Individuals or groups wanting to host a large-group/congregational event should contact the church office for the policy and proper forms.
- Visioning process continued

September 26, 2016
September Council Highlights
- Pledges and Offerings were both below budget; however, expenses were below budget due to decreased payroll, administrative, and maintenance costs, which buffers the decrease in giving somewhat. Year-to-date, the operating deficit is $39,000, $27,000 of which was anticipated in the budget. The congregation should continue to be reminded to keep pledges current
- Debbie Irby, Preschool Director, provided an overview of the Preschool ministry. The ministry is strong and stable. Debbie noted that many of the children are not members of a church and do not know God or Jesus. The reputation of the school is still very positive. The staff is stable. There are many events that the preschool and TVLC Children’s Ministries share.
- Sanctuary remodeling is complete and at budget
- Several projects remain so the congregation needs to be aware that the Capital Appeal continues through April 2018, including asphalt, carpet replacement in education buildings and youth room, gym floor restoration, ceiling tile replacement, HVAC replacement (several units >19 years old).
- Worship and Music planning team continues to work on the development of a new service which will start in January. It will be at 10:30 am, in the Family Life Center.
- Personnel Committee has recommended development of a Tech position to develop social media/branding presence and expand the responsibilities of the Communications position
- Discussion continued about the vision for TVLC in the next 3-5 years. It was recommended that the Council gather information from various ministries and demographic groups

August 22, 2016
August Council Highlights
- TVLC Budget is within $5000 of what was expected. The General Fund dipped due to expenses vs. income. We are on budget and spending appropriately for the renovation project.
- The Property Committee is working on shade for the patio.
- The Council discussed ways to thank the many volunteers involved with the capital improvements.
- The Council began a discussion about visioning for the church in the next 3-5 years.

JULY 2016
July 25, 2016
July Council Highlights
- Pledges and offerings dropped and budgeted expenses were under budget by 11%. Overall, the budget is stable and attendance is up over this time last summer.
- New Advocacy Group - Kathy Renno made a request to begin an advocacy group, under
- Fellowship and Outreach, to inform the congregation about legislative issues and policy, provide links about current issues, provide information to enable members to react to issues as they so desire. They would like also to have a page on the website. The ELCA has a large advocacy group, and this would be a local extension of that. Pastor Nausin reminded us that we need to be sensitive and willing to have conversation when a member feels differently than we ourselves do.
- Property Committee - Library floor was completed, Sanctuary flooring was completed, and the remainder of the Sanctuary renovation is on target.
- Pastor Josh presented a proposal to hire a Youth Ministry Intern, at $100/month, to assist with Bridges High School Youth Group. Funding would come from the Youth Ministry budget for the remainder of the year. There is a young adult in the congregation considering seminary and this individual would be a good fit for this position.
- Risk Management - Working on various projects including safe parking, fire risks.
- Worship & Music - Working on new service to start in January 2017

JUNE 2016
June 27, 2016
June Council Highlights
- Treasurer’s Report - Increase in income in May has put us ahead of budget amount, however, May was an expensive month due to renovation activities.
- Sanctuary renovations continue on target. The mesquite tree on the patio has been removed and shade options are being explored.
- There was discussion about having summer worship in the NFLC as it is a pleasant place to worship in the summer.
- There are several projects that need maintenance work
- Call Committee: Meeting with Bishop Talmage 6/29/16. The Committee will not meet in July due to multiple vacations. Tracy Jordan is the Chair.
- Pastor Nausin has met with staff members. Organ/piano accompaniment for services is an area that needs to be considered. As there is no longer a “pool” of organists in the community, TVLC may need to compensate an organist/pianist at a higher rate (currently paying $100 per service).
- Communication has been tasked to Norton Johnson.  He will spearhead job description and communications plan.

MAY 2016
June 01, 2016
May Council Highlights
- Treasurer’s Report: For the month of April, pledges and offerings were essentially on
budget, and expenses were slightly up, mostly due to administrative costs. The mortgage refinance has been completed and our monthly payment is now approximately $400 less than anticipated. This surplus will provide stability as we enter into the summer months.
- Sanctuary remodel continues on schedule
- A request was received to fund one of our youth to attend the Invitation to Ministry at
California Lutheran this coming August. This was taken care of by a congregation member.
- Call Committee nominees were discussed and approved.
- Vickie Denning submitted a preliminary MSP based on input from multiple people and
congregational surveys. Council reviewed it and offered additions and corrections. It will
now be finalized.
- Effective July 2016, the Congregation Council meeting will move to the third Tuesday of the

APRIL 2016
April 24, 2016
- Pastor Gayle’s Celebration was wonderful and well received.
- New Council Executive Committee includes Jim Marian, President; Gerd Renno,
Vice President; Erin Cowan, Secretary; Doug Pearson, reappointed as Interim
- Pledges and envelope contributions remain decreased from
expected, and expenses were increase due to several maintenance items that
needed to be addressed. Temple Talk and Bulletin reminders to the
congregation will be made, and Simply Giving will be emphasized.
- Personnel committee has recommended that we postpone hiring a Director of
Volunteer Ministries until a new pastor has been called. Council approved this
- Sanctuary remodeling will begin the end of May, therefore services will be moved
to NFLC beginning May 29 and going through summer. Target completion is Rally
Sunday, scheduled for August 21.
- Committee Liasons: Communication – Norton Johnson; Endowment – Gerry
Schwartz; Fellowship and Outreach – Gerry Schwartz; Finance – Doug Pearson;
Personnel – Jim Marian; Preschool/Kindergarten – Kathy Puls; Property – Gerd
Renno; Risk Assessment – Karl Deutsch; Stewardship – Kathy Puls; Worship and
Music – Susan Peterson.
- Work on the Ministry Site Profile is beginning with Council input.
- Call Committee member recommendations should be given to Erin Cowan.
- Pastor Nausin’s contract has been sent to the Bishop and approval is expected
shortly. It is a standard contract.

MARCH 2016
March 27, 2016
- Overall giving was unusually decreased in February, and expenses were slightly
- Kathy Puls has been nominated, and accepted the nomination, to Council. Voting
for this new member and re-election of Jim Marian, Gerd Renno and Gerry
Schwartz to a second term will occur at the Annual Congregational Meeting April
17, 2016.
- Council discussed the Interim Pastor recommendation in closed session.
Announcement of this individual will be made after Easter.

February 28, 2016
- Income and Expenses for January were as budgeted.
- Pastor Gayle spoke with the Bishop and determined that no Continuing
Resolution or policy was needed for our Wedding Policy. Therefore, to affirm the
discussion from last month, the Council confirmed that all people are welcome to
participate in the life of Tanque Verde Lutheran Church and that no one will be
excluded from the Celebration of Marriage based on sexual orientation.
- Staff Appreciation Luncheon went well and was well received. Council and
Personnel Committee members participated.
- Audit Committee was assembled to review 2015.
- Pastor Gayle announced her retirement, with her last Sunday being April 24 ,
2016. A celebration will be planned.
- An Interim Pastor is being discussed with Bishop Talmage.
- The Ministry Site Profile needs to be completed prior to assembling the Call
- Sanctuary renovations will proceed as planned despite Pastor Gayle’s retirement,
as recommended by her.
- The 4 th Annual Faith matters event will be held March 5, 2016 featuring Pastor
Mark Reitan.

January 29, 2016
- Early review of budget numbers indicate that we essentially had a balanced budget for
2015. The 2016 Stewardship campaign yielded a higher percentage of pledges, with nearly
60% of pledging units making a pledge.
- Council affirmed that consistent with the current Constitution, the pastors are called to
marry all people who they believe are ready for marriage
- Staff Appreciation Lunch is being planned.
- Property projects are ongoing. Council authorized the production of 6 liturgical wall
treatments by Linda Henke to replace the existing, significantly aged treatments.

December 15, 2015
The budget process for 2016 is underway. We had an operating deficit of $24,000, which will likely be balanced by an unrestricted donation. Pledges and giving lag behind.
A balanced budget will be proposed to the Congregation at the Special Budget Meeting January 17, 2016, after the 9:30am service.
The Linder bathrooms, classroom 3 bathroom, and TLC House bathrooms will be renovated over the Preschool Winter break.

November 17, 2015
TVLC Congregation Council met November 17, 2015. Details can be found in the monthly minutes in the church office. Here are highlights from the meeting:
· Treasurer’s Report - an undesignated gift of $18,000 was received, and placed in the General Fund for now. The budget continues to operate in a deficit (expected) with weekly giving lagging slightly and expenses as budgeted.
· The 2015 Budget included a challenge of $15,000 for which no pledges have been received.
· The consecration meal was well attended and well received. At first glance, 149 pledges were received, many of them new, totaling approximately $503,000.
· Budget requests have been submitted and the Budget Committee will begin working on the 2016 budget in the coming weeks. In general requests are unchanged over 2015, with the exception of the addition of staff and equipment per TVLC goals.
· 28 new members and their children were received in November.

October 31, 2015
· Budget expenses are as expected, giving is behind and the $15,000 challenge has not been touched.
· Oktoberfest was well attended and well-received.
· Doug Pearson, Interim Treasurer, has distributed budgetary information to all committee liasons and they have begun gathering planning information. Budget recommendation will be presented at our December meeting.
· Council members are asked to make phone calls to congregants who do not RSVP for the Consecration Meal to remind them about the opportunity. The focus will be on celebrating our ministries.
· Property - projects are ongoing. No new information to report.
· The NFLC Kitchen is now being rented 5 days per week.

September 30, 2015
·August Financial Packet shows a “break-even” month. There is an anticipated budgetary shortfall during this time of year as well as a $15,000 faith challenge built into this year’s budget, so members will be encouraged to keep or bring pledges up to date. 2016 budget planning has begun.
·Feed My Starving Children program at Pantano Christian Church will be held early October and we are signed up to send 2 teams
·Stewardship Drive will begin in October and Council members are asked to help with the catered meal that is planned. Commitment Weekend will be Nov 14/15, 2015.
·Work on Council Goals is ongoing.
·After the Council decision to allow Oktoberfest to be held on our campus, several congregation members have expressed concern about the risk and perception of an event such as this. Council members again had extensive discussion about the risks and benefits of having alcohol on campus at church-sponsored events. Gerry made a motion, and it was seconded, that CR04 be revised to state that “With the exception of sacramental purposes, the right to serve or consume alcohol on TVLC premises shall be prohibited.” Motion passed. Revision to be effective October 3, 2015.
·ELCA Day of Service yielded over 500 books for Wheeler Elementary school and several projects were completed there. Cookies were delivered to fire departments, shut-ins, and assisted living/nursing homes.
·Property Committee continues work on campus improvements, including sanctuary interior, Linder Hall bathroom, and lighting projects.
·Beginning in October, the Council will resume meetings on the third Tuesday.

August 25, 2015
TVLC Congregation Council met August 25, 2015. Details can be found in the monthly minutes in the church office. Here are highlights from the meeting:
·Review of ELCA Day of Service projects
·Personnel committee is developing a job description for Volunteer Coordinator
·Pastors Gayle and Josh are researching and discussing development of an additional worship service.
·Norton Johnson is continuing work on ways to improve information distribution about the many activities on campus throughout each week.
·Minutes and Treasurer’s report reviewed. Monthly budget shows an expected deficit due to summer attendance and interruption of member pledge contributions. 
·A request was made and approved to fund 2 teams, 20 members each, to attend the Feed My Starving Children program at Pantano Christian Church.
·A request was made to host Oktoberfest at TVLC. This is an annual fundraiser for the Agua Prieta Shelter Project. Discussion was heard from council members and the pastors regarding serving beer and wine on campus. We have a policy that allows the council to approve requests on a case-by-case basis. The request was approved for this year’s fundraiser only.
·Property projects continue. Painting is complete and the Sanctuary renovation is next, along with the Linder bathroom renovation.
·Stewardship has recruited 3 new members and the drive will begin October 8, 2015. Commitment weekend will be Nov 14-15, 2015 and a consecration meal will be served.
·Risk Management committee (newly formed) is working through a long list of items that need to be addressed.
·Council meetings will move back to the third Tuesday of the month, beginning in October.

July 28, 2015

Pr. Josh and Erin offered a review of the youth gathering.
Council approved goals for 2015-2016: 1) Add a half-time volunteer coordinator; 2) Offer an additional worship service; and 3) Actively invite campus visitors to join in ministry with us.
June income was under budget projections while expenses were on budget, resulting in an operating deficit for the month.
The Property Committee reports that new asphalt has been laid in the east parking lot. Slurry coating will occur at a later date. The west and north parking lots will receive a different treatment later this week. A new storage container has been added due to inadequate storage space. Overhead fluorescent lights in all buildings will be replaced with LED lighting. A TEP subsidy will cover the majority of the costs. The NFLC CFL gym lights will also be replaced with LED. A TEP subsidy will cover a portion of the costs. Energy savings from both projects are expected to be substantial.
The Stewardship Committee reports that plans for the annual fall campaign are underway. The committee hopes to restore a meal to the commitment celebration.
The Endowment Committee reports that it will consider applications for distributions in August. The committee has finalized a design for an informational brochure.
The Risk Management committee has prepared and prioritized a list of concerns. A CPR class will be offered on August 5th that includes instruction on our AED (defibrillator).
The Fellowship and Outreach Committee reports activity in many ministry groups. Planning is underway for the Day of Service on September 13th.  Holiday food basket leaders are attempting to form a partnership for delivery with a church on the northwest side.
New council members received a council manual and ongoing members received updated materials.
Council members will receive information from the synod attorney about alcohol on campus.

June 23, 2015
Council continued to work on goal setting.
May income was over budget projections and expenses were under budget projections, resulting in a small operating surplus for the month.
Property Committee reports that volunteer painting continues on the exterior. New kitchen counters have been installed in Linder Hall and security cages for backflow devices are in place. In July, parking lot repair and repaving will begin as well as roofing projects for the Chapel and the Linder Hall kitchen and nursery.
Council processes for area of ministry reporting and placing items on the agenda were reviewed.
The Risk Management team has met to assess and compile items that need to be addressed.

May 26, 2015
Council continued the work on goal setting that began at the council retreat.
April income was over budget projections and expenses were under budget projections, resulting in a $15k operating surplus for the month.
An expenditure was approved for significant parking lot repair from Capital Appeal funds.
The council moved to a confidential session to discuss a Personnel Committee recommendation.
Delegates for the Grand Canyon Synod Assembly will be Sue and Ralph Jensen and Dani and Chuck Kolsrud as well as Pastor Gayle and Pastor Josh.
Sue Jensen will be a Conference Representative Lay Nominee for the 2016 Churchwide Assembly.
Interfaith Community Services will receive a $1,500 donation from TVLC. This was inadvertently omitted from benevolence in the 2015 budget.
JanPro will be doing set-up and lock-up for the Saturday and Sunday morning services.

April 21, 2015
New council members Erin Cowan, Karl Deutsch, Norton Johnson, Mike Muirhead, and Susan Peterson were welcomed. Ongoing members are Vickie Denning, Jim Marian, Kelly Reed, Gerd Renno, and Gerry Schwartz as well as Pastor Gayle and Pastor Josh. Doug Pearson serves as an Interim nonvoting treasurer.
March income and expenses were over budget projections, resulting in a $9.1k operating surplus for the month.
The 2015 Pastoral Housing Allowances were approved.
Changes were approved for management of the church credit card account.
Based on the presentation at the Congregational Meeting, the Property Committee fielded questions about their planning and procedures. An expenditure was approved to purchase security cages for backflow devices.
Vickie Denning and Gerry Schwartz were appointed to two-year terms on the Endowment Committee. Other members are Jim Marian, Greg Paulsen, Chad Souvignier, and Pastor Gayle.
The council welcomed new members, which included confirmands.
The NFLC kitchen has been leased to a baking company.
Future council meetings will be at 6:30 p.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month through August.

March 17, 2015
TVLC Sunday School and Vacation Bible School ministries were presented by Julie Ressler. About 100 children are enrolled in Sunday School with an average attendance of about 50%. VBS will be held July 15-19 and will be capped at 100.
Council did a written assessment of church needs, which will be used for planning and priority setting.
February income was under budget projections while expenses were slightly over budget.
The Nominating Committee has almost completed its work and has a slate of candidates prepared.
Ed Hudson was elected to the Audit Committee.
Property Committee reports that exterior colors have been selected and prep and painting has begun. Sidewalk repair has been completed.
Announcements include: Annual Reports are due March 23rd. The Annual Meeting of the Congregation is set for April 19th. An election of council officers will immediately follow the meeting. Council is hosting the Lenten dinner on March 18th. The Council retreat is set for May 9th. The Bishop will attend and help lead.

February 17, 2015
TVLC food ministries gave presentations. Cheri Mitstifer gave an overview of the Weekend Blessing ministry, which provides weekend bags of food to 100 children at Wheeler Elementary. Greg Paulsen spoke about holiday food baskets and other food ministries. Vickie Denning shared information about ELCA World Hunger and TVLC’s 2014 gifts.
Ed Moore, Jon Erwin, Kathy Puls, and Wendy Wurr were appointed to the Nominating Committee.
Doug Pearson, Bruce Osenberg, and Clive Warrilow were appointed to the Audit Committee.
The Personnel Manual, as revised by the Personnel Committee, was approved effective March 1, 2015.
Personnel Committee noted two staffing changes. Jennifer Wortman has been hired as the Interim Choir director. Volunteers are being sought to act as Sunday custodians.
A 2015 budget of $1,600 was approved for the Endowment Committee.
A revised Alcohol Policy was approved.
January income was under budget projections while expenses were on budget.
Planned air conditioner replacement is complete. The exterior color palette is nearing completion. Bids are being received for replacement of the roof on the Education Building. A maintenance database has been completed to aid facility maintenance.
Announcements include: The ordination of Jeremy Nausin will be held on March 1st. The 3rd Annual “Faith Matters” study “What does discipleship Mean for my Daily Life” will be presented by Pr. Kapp Johnson on March 7th.
The Annual Meeting is April 19th. Reports are due March 23rd. Pr. Josh and Greg Paulsen are offering presentations about their ministry trip to Village of Hope in Haiti. An Arts and Craft Fair is scheduled for February 21st with proceeds supporting the youth. Bob Kridler was recognized by Ben’s Bells.

February 01, 2015
Representatives from the TVLC Preschool/Kindergarten gave a joyful presentation about our ministry, which serves 131 children.
Doug Pearson was appointed Interim Treasurer.
The year ended $238 in the black without requiring a planned transfer from a reserve fund.
The Annual Meeting will be held April 19th. Council terms were reviewed.
Plans were made to form a Nominating Committee.
Banking changes were approved for credit cards and Control Scan.
The roof on the NFLC has been recoated by volunteers. Funds from the Capital Appeal were approved to replace the roof on the Education Building. Security improvements and an exterior paint palette are in process.
A request to serve alcohol on campus was denied.

January 01, 2015
Monthly and YTD budgeted income were over budget projections through November. Monthly and YTD budgeted expenses were under budget projections through November. YTD, the net deficit was $10.6K.
A 2015 General Fund budget was passed for recommendation to the congregation. The budget includes a Faith and Growth factor. The Budget meeting will be held January 11th.
Bonuses will be paid at the end of the year to two staff members and Pastor Gayle.
Improvements will be made to improve campus security with funds from the Capital Appeal.
Pastor Josh and Greg Paulsen will travel to Village of Hope in Haiti January 16-23.

December 01, 2014
Both year-to-date budgeted income and expenses through October are under budget. The net deficit for the year is $1.0K.
The 2015 budget was presented. A gap between income and expenses of over $30K was identified. Council will look at electricity costs, the youth budget, and facility rental charges to try to help close the gap.
Pastor Josh shared a mission opportunity in Haiti in which he has previously participated. He will be going in January and invites interested TVLC volunteers.
Motions were approved to change the continuing resolutions and update bank signatures so that the Facilities and Business Manager, the Congregation Treasurer, and the Congregation President have signature authority over the congregation’s bank accounts.
The council acknowledged the membership of the October 19th confirmation class.
The Property Committee is scheduling replacement for four ancient a/c units and will be soliciting volunteers to help coat the roof of the NFLC. Work continues on choosing an exterior color palette.
A report was received from the Personnel Committee, including the hiring of a part-time Facilities and Business manager.

November 01, 2014
Council participated in a discussion about priority setting to prepare for upcoming budget discussions.
Year-to-date budgeted income is under budget, although total income is over budget. Year-to-date budgeted expenses are under budget as are total expenses. The net shortage for the year is $13,407.
The finance committee has begun work on the 2015 budget and their initial projections were presented.
A motion was approved to appoint Jon Erwin and Carol Paulsen as authorized agents for the TVLC brokerage accounts. The purpose of these accounts is to receive donations of stocks and funds and to promptly liquidate those assets.
A motion was approved to allocate up to $1,200 from the Columbarium designated fund for the replacement of stressed mesquites surrounding the Columbarium with desert willows.
A motion was approved to spend up to $3,000 in undesignated memorial funds for the purpose of refurbishing three octaves of handbells.
The Property Committee reviewed their work including income projections and planned projects. The following motions were approved.
1) The replacement of four aging (19-26 years) air conditioning units and the addition of 2 heating strips at a cost not to exceed $33,250.
2) The purchase of roof coating in an amount not to exceed $11,000 if a do-it-yourself approach is deemed feasible for the roofs of the NFLC and PS/LH/Chapel.
3) Replace asphalt in the east parking lot in 2015 by replacing the main driveway path at a cost not to exceed $40,960.
4) Contract for exterior painting of all buildings (excluding library) at a cost not to exceed $80,000.
5) Contract for professional inspections of the library for structural integrity and mechanical and electrical systems at a cost not to exceed $1,000.
The Property Committee was asked to review costs charged to the Capital Appeal and move routine maintenance and repair items to the appropriate General Fund line item.

October 01, 2014
Forty people have already signed up to assemble meals as a part of “Feed My Starving Children” on September 26/27.
Hunger is being addressed in many ways by the congregation. Holiday food baskets are again being planned, but coordinators are needed. Youth are bringing canned goods and may be working at the Community Food Bank. The offering from the joint Thanksgiving service with Desert Skies United Methodist will go to the Community Food Bank. Teams from TVLC will be organized to participate in a CROP walk in November.
- The Call Committee is planning the installation of Pastor Josh for Sunday, September 28th, at 4pm with a potluck to follow.
- Stewardship will begin their fall financial campaign on October 11 and it will culminate on November 8.
- Year-to-date budgeted income is over budget while year-to-date budgeted expenses are under budget, resulting in a net surplus of almost $9,000.
- 130 volunteers participated in the annual ELCA “Day of Service.” They made Ben’s Bells, cleaned yards, worked at Casa Maria, baked and delivered cookies, and painted Cholla High School.
- The Property Committee reports that the new roof on the flat area of the office and narthex area is complete and leak-free during our recent storms. An HVAC analysis has been completed. There are 35 or 36 AC units, with four being 26 years old and 5-6 are 19 years old. Altogether, we have over $300,000 in AC equipment. A regular maintenance and upgrade program is being planned. The color palette is still in progress. The Tech Committee has been asked to do an inventory of equipment.
- The Personnel Committee revised the Personnel Manual. Updates were made to the smoking and health insurance policies. The Personnel Committee also informed council that the Director of Operations resigned effective September 15.
- The Council updated the congregation’s Continuing Resolutions. The approved smoking policy now reads: “Smoking, including but not limited to e-cigarettes, is not allowed within any TVLC campus building or within 20 feet of any public entrance of any building.” The council’s signature authority now reads: “The Congregation Treasurer, the Congregation President, and the Congregation Vice-President shall have signature authority over the congregation’s bank accounts.”
- Announcements: Representatives have been found to facilitate Thrivent reward sign-ups and to facilitate gifts of stock. An event manual outline was submitted.

August 27, 2014
- Plans are proceeding for our second annual “God’s Work. Our Hands.” day of service on September 7th. The Boy Scout troop hosted by TVLC will be joining us in service this year.
- Council approved a motion to authorize spending $2,000 to participate in “Feed My Starving Children.” Two 20-person work crews will be needed to assemble meals.
- Budgeted income for July was over budget while expenses were under budget. Year-to-date, the net surplus is $1,500.
- Doug Pearson gave an overview of Via de Cristo. TVLC will host two weekend gatherings this fall. The council approved the request by Via de Cristo to serve wine at dinners on October 18 and November 8.
- The installation of Pastor Josh is scheduled for Sunday at 4:00pm, September 28th, with a potluck to follow.
- Thrivent Choice Funds are not being fully utilized by TVLC members, resulting in the loss of about $3,500 from 2012 to 2013. A representative is being sought to coordinate the required annual sign-up by eligible Thrivent members.
- The Property Committee is awaiting a professional property audit. New roofing on the flat area of the office and narthex area has been completed with funds from the Rejoice Renew appeal.
- Due to afternoon meetings of the TVLC Kindergarten/Preschool board, a new liaison is needed. Kelly Reed will be the liaison.
- Positive feedback is being received about the new website designed by Charlotte Drenkhahn, Publications.
- The reactivated Endowment Committee made its first distributions to GriefShare, Lutheran Campus Ministry (U of A), and Crop Walk.

July 29, 2014
- The June financial report will be available later in July.
- Projects for our 2nd annual day of service are being finalized for September 7th.
- Plans are also being made to participate in “Feed My Starving Children” led by Pantano Christian Church On September 26-27. A work crew of 20 people working 4 hours will be able to assemble 4,000 meals at a cost of $1000.
- The Property Committee reported on projects completed, in process, and in planning. They presented plans for project flow and prioritization. Completed projects include 1 HVAC unit and stucco repair on the NFLC, patched emergency roof areas on numerous buildings, work on hot water heaters, and the purchase of a carpet/floor cleaner.
- Council re-established a Technology Committee.
- Several banking updates of authorized representatives were made.
- Pastoral housing allowances were updated.
- Associate Pastor Joshua Auchenbach’s first day in the office will be August 4th.
- Endowment applications for the first distribution from the fund are due August 1st.

July 01, 2014
- Jean Reehl is leading the planning for the day of service is on September 7th. Similar activities to last year are being organized.
- Council chose a thematic plan for service for six years based on Matthew 25. The theme for this year is based on Matt 25:35 “for I was hungry and you gave me food.”
- The treasurer’s report shows year-to-date budgeted income is $14,000 under budget while year-to-date expenses are $17,700 under budget.
- Plans for the visit of the pastoral candidate were reviewed.
- The Property Committee a plan for maintenance and communication. Council approved both plans. The Property Committee was authorized to make expenditures from the Capital Appeal Fund up to $20,000 without seeking specific Council approval.
- The Council approved repurposing an $11,000 restricted fund for air conditioning maintenance and repair for general usage for maintenance items.
- The deed for the sale of the Rio Rico property has been recorded.
- The wireless passwords have been reset due to unauthorized usage of the system.
- Wendy Wurr is writing a manual to help committees host events at TVLC.

June 01, 2014
- Call Committee met with Council to recommend a candidate for Associate Pastor. Council endorsed their recommendation and voted to call a special meeting of the congregation to vote on the candidate’s call and compensation package.
- Neal Lundahl presented information about our employee health insurance policies. Due to changing laws, we are no longer able to reimburse employees for a portion of their health insurance premiums. A motion was passed to increase salaries for those employees in lieu of reimbursement. This is a one-time increase and will take effect in August. Options for 2015 will be explored. Changes to the Employee Handbook to reflect new policies will be made by the Personnel Committee.
- Income is slightly less than budgeted and expenses are much lower than budgeted, so cash flow is adequate.
- Payment for the Rio Rico property has been received, but the deed has not yet recorded.
- Per the constitution, motions were passed to update signers on the Checking, Savings, and Mission Investment Fund accounts as well as on the Safe Deposit Box.
- Jim Marian, Gerd Renno, and Sharon Joy were approved as core Property Committee members. Jim and Gerd presented a draft of spending procedures and plans. Council approved up to $15,600 for immediate roofing repairs.

May 01, 2014
- Sue Jensen provided a final report from the Missional Leadership Academy team. September 7th has been set for our fall service day.
- For March, income was more than $8,000 over budget. Expenses were almost $7,000 over budget.
- The council voted to recommend the sale of a lot in Rio Rico to the congregation at the Annual Meeting.
- The retreat for the new council will be May 17th.
- The Capital Appeal team reported that over $450,000 has been pledged.
- The Nominating Committee will recommend three potential council members at the Annual Meeting.
- The Council approved operational policies for the Endowment Committee, contingent on the bylaw change being approved at the Annual Meeting. The Council also set the 2014 budget for the committee at $1,500.
- The Call Committee has received names of pastoral candidates and will soon be proceeding to interviews.
- Four members and Pastor Gayle will attend the Synod Assembly in June.
- The annual meeting will be held on April 27th.

April 01, 2014
- Leadership development dealt with goal-setting.
- For February, income is almost $8,000 under budget. Expenses are almost $1,000 under budget.
- The council met the new Director of Operations, Sharon Joy.
- The process involved in the Capital Appeal was presented.
- The Nominating Committee is working to find prospective Council members.
- The Endowment Committee continues work on formulating policies.
- The Call Committee has completed the Ministry Site Profile.
- The annual meeting will be held on April 27th.

March 01, 2014
-Leadership development continued with a discussion of the epilogue of “A Field Guide for the Missional Congregation.” The focus on the challenge to be a missional congregation by continuing on a journey of spiritual transformation that shapes lives and informs ministries.
-Our treasurer is working with our new bookkeeper to tweak our January report. We are slightly under budgeted income and greatly under budgeted expenses, but some adjustments need to be made.
-The recently formed Endowment Committee reported on its activities and brought a request to change the bylaws to allow the committee to disburse endowment fund earnings in the future. The motion was approved and sent on to the congregation as required for a bylaw change.
-The Capital Appeal planning is proceeding with new members added to the committee. Plans are in process to attempt to raise approximately $525,000 over 3 years.
-The council authorized formation of a nominating committee and recommended several members.
-The size of the council was discussed. A motion was approved to nominate 3-5 new members.
-The annual meeting will be held on April 27th.
-Our new Church Administrator, Sharon Joy, will be joining staff on March 3rd. The position was renamed the “Director of Operations.”

February 01, 2014
-Leadership development continued with a discussion of “A Field Guide for the Missional Congregation.” The focus was on stewardship.
-After the planned and budgeted transfer for mortgage support, 2013 ended with a deficit of less than $17,000. The deficit was caused by two large, unbudgeted items including parking lot maintenance.
-Terms of council persons were reviewed. Two members reach term limits in April. A nominating committee will be formed next month.
-New staff members are Brenda Jordan (Bookkeeping) and Charlotte Drenkhahn (Publications). The recently hired church administrator resigned. Jim Pene, our previous administrator, has agreed to continue on a part-time, interim basis while a new job search is completed by the Personnel Committee.
-The council voted to provide seminary support to Jeremy Nausin. This had been previously approved by the council.
-The council is to return in February prepared to discuss the council’s size and organizational shape.
-A motion passed to update signers on our checking account.
-A spring Capital Appeal is being planned by Stewardship Committee to address significant property needs. A motion passed to approve the hiring of a firm to assist with the appeal. Costs will be covered by monies raised in the appeal.
-Bishop Talmage will preach and teach the weekend of February 1-2 and will be meeting with Call Committee and available council members.
-Upcoming events include an MLA Leadership Seminar on February 15th, Faith Matters with Pastor Jeff Marian on March 1st, and the annual meeting on April 27th.

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